Improv Workshops

Improv comedy teams routinely create funny, engaging performances on the fly. Our workshops offer a playful environment to practice the improv fundamentals that double as professional skills. Each session is tailored toward your team & objectives. We often upgrade agility, creativity, camaraderie and communication.

Storytelling Workshops

Stories make our ideas memorable and personal. They persuade more effectively than statistics, and empower listeners to retell your message. In our interactive workshops, participants will practice crafting and delivering narratives that unite and move an audience.

Corporate Improv Courses

What if each person on your team felt known and supported at work? Our silly & outcomes-oriented courses infuse your team with improv instincts -- where we reward ideas with support. Over 4 to 8 sessions, participants become more skillful at improv and more agile at work.

Master Class

Interactive improv lecture meets high-energy comedy performance. Ideal for larger groups, our Master Class demonstrates improv concepts with an hour of dynamic demonstrations & audience activities. Without a pause, we shift to Showtime: an audience suggestion or interview inspires 20 minutes of hilarious, completely improvised comedy scenes. We often close the session with a quick set of questions and answers.